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Productivity Tip: ClipX Clipboard History Manager

This post was written originally for my personal blog, but I decided to re-post it here since it is a different audience and the tip is probably more useful to the more technical readers I hope to have here.  Enjoy!

The other day I was at work and I realized how much time this tiny little application called ClipX saved me that I figured I would share it with those who read my blog. Basically it just runs all the time (in your system tray) and it remembers what you copied to your clipboard, up to a certain number of items (you can control that, I have mine set to 250 items). Unlike windows, which only holds the last thing you copied in memory, this application holds all of it, so you can easily go back and paste whatever you copied 2 “copies” ago. In order to get to that, once you have it installed you just press CTRL-SHIFT-V to pull up a special paste menu like the one shown here that shows all of the previous data you copied to your clipboard.



You can then either click on the piece of data you want to paste, or just arrow to it and hit enter. Sometimes nothing shows up right where I want to paste it, but if I just do the normal paste shortcut (CTRL-V) then, what I selected will show up.

Working with data all day, this definitely saves me a ton of time since I don’t have to re-copy something I copied a while back, I can just easily go back and re-paste it, even though I’ve copied something else since then. I must use ClipX 25-50 times a day. I can’t believe this hasn’t been included into the Windows OS by now. Hopefully you find ClipX as helpful as I do!

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